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Start your own store

Got a brilliant idea for a t-shirt and think it will sell? Maybe you’re organising a conference or a school concert and want everyone to be responsible for choosing their own sizes and payment. Starting an online affiliate store is a great solution. You can sell your own brand with no subscription fees, no risk, no hassles and no inventory. Best of all, you receive 20% commission on your sales every month. We have hundreds of affiliate stores ranging from individuals selling their own designs to gyms, clubs, cafes, schools all selling their own custom branded apparel.

Simple steps to open your store

  1. Sign up to become a PrintLocker affiliate store.
  2. Choose your products and create your custom apparel.
  3. Promote your store and share it on social media, newsletters etc Tell everyone!
  4. We print and ship your orders directly to your customers (white label).
  5. Receive your monthly commission via PayPal.

Affiliate Store Faqs

Why start a store?

Starting a store is a great way to sell your own branded apparel without the hassle of holding inventory. Print on demand is prefect for anyone wishing to promote and sell their own designs or for businesses or groups wanting to sell their own custom apparel.

How do I create a store?

Start by clicking the link on our homepage or here Once you sign up, use our simple template and drag and drop system to set your store up the way you want it. If you would prefer us to create it for you we certainly can, please contact us to discuss your needs. The cost for us to set up a store varies depending on the complexity of the store, prices start from $300.

Are there costs involved in setting up a store?

Setting up a store is free! There are no subscription fees and no cancellation fees. If you would prefer us to create it for you we certainly can, please contact us to discuss your needs. The cost for us to set up a store varies depending on the complexity of the store, prices start from $300.

What is the difference between an affiliate store and a campaign?

An affiliate store is better suited for those who wish to sell their own designs or branding (white label). Stores are perfect for schools, fitness groups, gyms, clubs etc that wish to sell their products on an ongoing basis. A campaign is perfect if you’re wanting to promote and raise funds for a charity, club or community event in a short timeframe.

How does commission work?

We pay 20% commission on our retail prices. You can increase your sale prices in your store if you wish which will increase your commission but generally people stick with our standard retail pricing.

How and when do I receive commission?

Commission is paid in to your nominated PayPal account between the 1st - 4th of every month. Commission becomes available to be paid 7-10 days after an order is shipped so depending on the date, it may carry over to the following month. If your commission is under $5 it will be held over to the following month. Your commission/cleared commission balances are visible in your account. PayPal is the only payment method currently available.

What products can I choose for my store?

You can choose to offer as few or as many products as you like in your store.

Can I link my store to my own domain?

You can redirect your store to any domain name you have purchased.

How do I log in to my store?

You need to go to your own homepage and log in there.

How do I promote my store?

Facebook and Instagram are powerful ways to promote your store. Sharing your store link on social media will give you great visibility. You might even wish to create a dedicated Facebook page for your store. The more you promote, the more sales you create, in fact the only thing you need to do is promote your store – we do everything else for you!

How do you pack orders for my customers?

All orders are shipped in white label packaging with either generic washing instructions or with your branding on them. We use a PO box in case of returns (in cases where your customer uses the wrong address etc) and there is no mention of PrintLocker anywhere.

Can my customers choose to pick up their order directly from PrintLocker?

Yes they can. It's totally up to you whether you want to allow your customers to pick up from us. If you're not concerned about white label we can adjust the available shipping methods to suit your preferences.

Can I close my store?

Yes, you can delete your store at any time. There are no cancellation fees and any outstanding commission will be paid.
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