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PrintLocker Print on Demand in Australia

Print on Demand has become extremely popular in recent years, with many businesses, large and small, now relying on this service to deliver
custom printed t-shirts, clothing, books and other products to customers all over the world.

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a new business or you’re just after a few extra bucks on the side,
Print on Demand can be a lucrative and profitable solution for you.

At PrintLocker, we make Print on Demand services more accessible to more Australians,
offering everything from custom t-shirts to custom beanies and even custom aprons too! Fancy!

Why choose Print on Demand

When selling custom printed clothing, merch or products, you typically need to keep a large amount of stock on hand to send to customers when they make a purchase – but with Print on Demand, you don’t need to keep any stock at all!

At PrintLocker, we custom print each product as it’s purchased and send it directly to your customer, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Not only is this more convenient for you, but it’s also more environmentally friendly, as it saves space and reduces waste. Simply set up your Printlocker affiliate store and start selling!

PrintLocker offers the best high-quality Australian Print on Demand t-shirts, clothing and assorted products in all sorts of styles in Sydney, Melbourne and right across Australia to help your brand sell with ease.

Unlock the possibilities with Print on Demand

Imagine being able to sell custom designs and turn a profit without ever having to lay a hand on the product. Well, with PrintLocker, you can!

With our huge range of products, colours and styles to suit you and your customers, you can design and customise your unique clothing or merchandise to your heart’s content and start selling today!

Simply upload a hi-res copy of your own design, let your customers know a new product is available, and our expert printing team at PrintLocker will take care of the rest.

About Us

There's nothing old hat about Print Locker. With an easy-to-use online design tool, and a wide variety of styles and designs, we offer one of the most effective and intuitive personalised garment services in the world. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. Plus, we're true blue — we take care of all printing orders right here in Australia.

When other retailers in the fashion world offer low prices, they often lower their ethical standards. We never will. All of our products are eco friendly and sweat shop free. In fact, we don't stock items that fail to qualify for an FLA certificate (Fair Labour Association) or WRAP documentation (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production). You might call it a feather in our cap.



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via Google "Great options, design and definitely great quality prints"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand is a type of production and distribution model that makes it easy for individuals or businesses to sell custom printed t-shirts and similar products to customers online without having to keep stock on hand or lay down any capital upfront.

Rather than producing in bulk, the products are only printed once a sale has been made, helping to reduce waste, save space and produce only what your business needs every time.

Here at PrintLocker, we offer custom Print on Demand services for individuals and businesses of all sizes. With a huge range of custom printable products to choose from, we’ve got something for everyone!

Are Print on Demand stores profitable?

Yes, Print on Demand stores are a great way to make more money and turn a profit without outlaying any money upfront. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or you just want a bit of extra pocket money for the weekends, Print on Demand can make it happen for you.

At PrintLocker, we take care of everything from production through to delivery, meaning all you have to do is make sure your customers know where to find you! Aren’t we the best?!

How does Print on Demand work?

PrintLocker’s Print on Demand service works by uploading custom designs to your store and then waiting for customers to place an order. We then print the product and deliver it directly to your customer.

Unlike using Shopify, Etsy, Amazon or eBay, PrintLocker is a local Australian supplier, making it much quicker and easier for individuals and businesses like you who live in Australia to sell your products to Australian customers. That makes us the preferred Print on Demand service provider for Sydney, Melbourne and right across Australia.

8 reasons to choose PrintLocker

Australian owned & operated

We do our printing in Melbourne, where we also operate the rest of our business, so we can oversee production and deliver the best custom hats in the country.

No project is too small

Just want to order one custom hat? No problem. We don't do set up fees, membership fees, or minimum quantities.

We do bulk orders, too

We don't have a maximum to our orders, either. Whether you need a hundred caps, or thousands, we can get the job done.


With water based inks, organic products, and WRAP certified suppliers, we're taking whatever steps we can to be environmentally friendly.

Great customer service

If you've got a question about your custom cap order, just ask. We'll follow up promptly, and make sure you're satisfied.

Rapid delivery

With our printing factory on-site, we can do a rapid turnaround on our orders. That means we can have it shipped to you in no time at all.

High standards of quality

Every single order is rigorously subjected to quality control.

Making an account is free

Other than the cost of your order, we don't have any fees. You can sign up, browse, and design a garment on our website, all for free.
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