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What is embroidery and how does it work?

Embroidery is an age-old process of weaving a design onto fabric using a thread and needle. Today, instead of someone actually sewing a design by hand, a digital file is created that tells a machine how and where to put each stitch. Embroidery works best with simple, low colour count logos or artwork. Photographs and artwork with fine detail or small lettering usually can not be emboirdered. We'll be sure to contact you if this is the case and recommened ways we can alter your design or suggest alternative printing methods.

After we receive your order and review your artwork, the first step in the process is to "digitize" your design. This just means we are creating a digital file that contains instructions on how to stich your artwork. Once digitized, the file is send to the embroidery machine and the design will be sewn out onto the product. Embroidered logos generally use between 5,000 - 10,000 stiches to create your design. Very intricate indeed!

There is a set up fee of $50 +gst for embroidery and as the process to digitize and set up your artwork takes a bit longer it is more cost effective for larger orders. We have a minimum order of 5 garments per logo/artwork.  

If you have different artwork/logos you'd like embroidered in the one order, it will require a set up for each artwork/logo. 

Embroidery FAQs

How much is the set up fee for embroidery?

The set up fee for embroidery is $50 +gst per artwork. Please note that if you have multiple artwork/logos in the same order, you will need to pay a set up fee for each of them.

How long does it take?

The turnaround with embroidery is 10-15 business days, unfortunately we do not offer express options.

Do you have a minimum quantity for embroidery orders?

Yes, we have a minimum of 5 garments per artwork. You can have different garments/products in the one order and as long as there are no variations to the artwork across products, you would only need to pay the one setup fee.

Is the minimum quantity for one product only or can I have different products?

Yes, you can have different products within your order as long as the same design is being embroidered across all of them. If anything changes with the design between products, it will require a new setup and therefore would require a minimum of 5 items for that particular design.

Can any artwork/design be embroidered?

We recommend designs that are fairly simple and have a low colour count and solid colours. Unfortunately if your design is very complicated/detailed, embroidery wouldn't be the best option.

What are the minimum and maximum artwork sizes for embroidery?

The maximum size for embroidery is 25cm x 25cm.

Do you offer embroidery on sleeves?

We offer embroidery on short sleeves however unfortunately we don't offer it on long sleeves.

What are the artwork requirements for embroidery?

Embroidery requires either .jpg or .png files of your design/artwork. If there's any issues with your artwork at all, we will contact you before proceeding with the order. If we need to adjust or re-do your artwork, you may be charged an artwork fee depending on how long it takes.

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