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About PrintLocker custom clothing

Great looking, high quality results. That's what we wear on our sleeve. At PrintLocker, we prioritise quality control — that's why our products are comfortable, versatile, and affordable. If you're ready to create custom clothing, we've made it incredibly easy. Visit our online design studio to get started, and enjoy:

  • High quality, 100% cotton clothing
  • Ethically sourced products
  • Stress-free bulk ordering

Where We Service

We believe in custom clothing for all. We deliver around Australia and throughout the world. As soon as your garments are designed and printed, we'll ship them right to you.

We offer a range of delivery times for you to choose from including standard 7 to 10 business day, express 4 business day, next business day and international. Whether it's a single item or a bulk order, when you design and order with PrintLocker, you'll get them fast.

How we get the job done

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the super efficient process of layering colours of a design on top of each other to create a full image. It's an ideal solution for bulk orders, unique designs and replications that require special inks or colour matching.

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DTG Printing

PrintLocker uses the latest technology in direct to garment printing. Our printers use a combination of white and CMYK inks that are laid onto the shirt to create the design. Once the print has finished, the shirt is cured using heat to prevent the design from washing out. Digital printing is perfect for smaller quantities, higher detail, and quick turnaround times.

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Embroidery is an age-old process of weaving a design onto fabric using a thread and needle. Today, instead of someone actually sewing a design by hand, a digital file is created that tells a machine how and where to put each stitch. Embroidery works best with simple, low colour count logos or artwork. Photographs and artwork with fine detail or small lettering usually can not be emboirdered. We'll be sure to contact you if this is the case and recommened ways we can alter your design or suggest alternative printing methods.

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Dye sublimation is this cool process where an image is printed onto heat transfer paper then applied to a specially coated ceramic, metal or polyester fabric via heat transfer. Sublimation ink has this unique ability to convert from a solid to a gas using a heat press which is controlled by time and pressure. The high temperature from a heat transfer press opens the pores of the polymer and allows the gas to enter the substrate. When the temperature cools, the pores close and the gas reverts to a solid state leavng the impression that was first printed onto the heat transfer paper.

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Vinyl Transfers

Vinyl transfer is a process where vinyl is fed through a plotter after type or a design has been created in a design program such as Adobe Illustrator. The design is then cut and weeded out to reveal the design then applied to the garment using a heat press.

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Digital Print & Cut Transfers

Digital transfer involves a solvent ink printer and a heat press. The substrate is fed through the printer and the design has a special contour cut line added so the printer software can recognise the cut shape. Once printed this is weeded and applied to the garment using a heat press.

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About Us

PrintLocker has been creating sustainable custom clothing for years. We pride ourselves on our superior quality garments, high fidelity printing methods, and incredibly fast turnaround and delivery times.

Our experienced, dedicated team pull out all the stops to ensure that your result exceeds expectations. It doesn't matter what you're printing — we are always on call to offer you advice and support.

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8 reasons to choose PrintLocker

Better for the environment

We do our best to be environmentally friendly, from organic products and WRAP certified suppliers to water-based inks.

Free to design and browse

There are no fees to use our online design software. The only price you pay is the cost of your order.

Owned and operated right here in Australia

We're based in Melbourne. That's where we work and that's where we do our printing. We follow the progress of your order personally from start to finish.

Personalised service for all our customers

If you've got any questions, queries or complaints, we're eager to hear them. Our team is standing by to help.

Speedy delivery to your door

We can do a super-fast turn around on most orders. With our superior delivery service and printing speed we may even be able to have your garment to your door by the next working day.

Quality garments

Our printing is of the highest quality and so are the garments we use.

No minimum order size

Even if you just want to order one single hoodie, that's fine with us.

Buy in bulk

We've also got the infrastructure to put together large bulk orders. We can take orders of hundreds, even thousands of garments.

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