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Custom Bags & Totes

If you are after personalised bags as gifts for your business or sporting team, we offer two different options. Both our custom bags are eco-friendly and made for versatile wear Australia-wide.

* Prices are GST inclusive.

Our Custom Bag and Tote Collection

Searching for something unique and personal? Look no further than our customised tote bags to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. What better way than with a personalised bag for your sports team, customers or employees to use every day that is stylish and functional?

Custom bags also offer the perfect business marketing opportunity or giveaway for companies or small businesses looking to stand out from the crowd. Our custom bags are versatile and environmentally friendly. PrintLocker can help you customise them how you want.

Choose from snack packs, grocery bags or our smart tote bags that can be used for school, work or play. We have a range of colours and styles for you to choose from. Our design tools make it super easy for you to create your own customised bags and totes.

BE SEEN Sack Pack

The BE SEEN Sack Pack is our custom drawstring bag, made of 100% Polyester oxford fabric with PU Coating making it lightweight, water resistant, and flexible for daily use. With this bag, you have the option to print any custom design, logo, or text on the top and centre of the front of the pack. 

This minimum fuss classic piece is everything you need in a work, university, or school bag. Just like the custom tote bag, it is made to suit all your lugging needs. With different compartments and the added protection of a drawstring similar to the custom tote bags this personalisable sack pack is ideal for the everyday commute or errand. 

Whether you want to create a custom bag with logo as a welcome gift for a professional event or if you want to add a team name and player number to custom bags for your sports team trip. The Print Locker Online Design Tool is waiting for you to bring that touch of extra care or personal branding to your staple wardrobe piece.

Why not make it your own with PrintLocker today? 



AS Colour The Carrie

The AS Colour The Carrie is our custom tote bag, made of 100% cotton canvas and you can print any custom design, logo, or text on both sides of the bag.

AS Colour, based in Australia produces these high quality tote bags in collaboration with PrintLocker. They are structured for convenience and durability. With their endless options for use, tote bags are one of the most eco-friendly bags out there. Custom tote bags are on trend right now and are the perfect choice for any occasion.

With your choice of eleven colours and a custom design, the creative options are endless. There’s a reason why canvas is so popular and has been used to make things like sails, tents, clothes, handbags, shoes, and bags for so many years. Our tote bags are made of 100% cotton canvas so they can be easily cleaned and are durable for your long-term use. 

Take our minimal classic tote bag design and turn it into your own creative everyday staple with whatever style you can imagine. The quick and easy-to-use Print Locker Design Tool is ready for action, with inspiration available to help you and the ability to upload any of your own designs or logos. You are set to make the perfect promotional gift or personal custom tote bag for you.

AS Colour Grocery Bag

The AS Colour Grocery Bag is our custom grocery bag, made of 100% recycled Polyester rip-stop fabric, saving approximately 2 x 500ml plastic bottles from landfill. Reusable shopping bags are stronger and longer lasting than single-use plastic bags from grocery shops. One reusable shopping bag has the potential to eliminate the need for hundreds of plastic bags that would otherwise contribute to plastic waste that can end up in landfill or even in the ocean impacting wildlife. Plastic bags can take many years to decompose so why not contribute by using a grocery bag that is just as convenient and reusable.

This grocery bag is lightweight and easy to have on hand for everyday errands and can be used for a lot more than just carrying groceries. You can use it to pack your road trip lunch, hold picnic snacks, carry books to the library and more! Both reusable and foldable, this bag is 35 by 52cm in size and available in black, with a matching black metal snap to close. It also has an elastic cord to secure the bag when folded up for easy storage in your kitchen drawer, car door, handbag, university backpack or garage.

With this bag, you can decorate to your heart's desire with full colour direct to film transfers on the front of the bag. 



Natural Calico Tote Bag

The Natural Calico Tote Bag is our budget-friendly custom tote bag, made of 100% 130gsm cotton with cross stitching inside the seams for added strength. This bag is lightweight, eco-friendly, biodegradable and durable. This custom tote bag can be used for years with good care, such as gentle hand washing in cold water.

Available in a classic natural colour, you can add a design, logo or text to the front of this bag. The surface of this cotton bag makes it ideal for printing, making it the perfect option for your next personalised wardrobe addition or promotional bag. It’s printed with full-colour inks and any white in your custom designs will appear as the natural colour of the tote giving your design a natural feel.

If you want to customise a tote bag but don’t want to splash out on price and prefer a simplistic and natural canvas to work with for your design this is the perfect choice for you. 

Make a Statement with PrintLocker’s Customised Bags

At PrintLocker, we’re Australia’s premier custom printers. We have an easy-to-use online design tool, the highest-quality materials, and the best digital printing devices. You can design your own custom tote bags along with a range of t-shirts, hoodies, headwear and promotional items.

What else have we got in our bag of tricks? Our items are the highest-quality, affordable, and there’s no minimum order, so you can create a single one-of-a-kind custom tote bag. More importantly, every item is certified by the Fair Labour Association (FLA) or the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) organisation. We carry the torch for ethical garment production.

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FAQs about our Custom Totes and bags

Who makes the custom bags?

With your design, the bag manufacturer and the PrintLocker team work together to make you a one-of-a-kind custom bag:

  1. 1. The bags are supplied by BeSeen and AS Colour
  2. 2. You create your custom design
  3. 3. The expert PrintLocker team prints your design onto the bag and sends it to you

We only work with suppliers who have an FLA certificate (Fair Labour Association) or WRAP documentation (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production). This includes the bags and ink used for printing. When you shop at PrintLocker, you know your bag has been ethically produced.

What is the print quality?

Outstanding. Our digital printer preserves photographic detail with a resolution of up to 1200 dpi. The equipment we use is ideal for photographic images and full colour printing.

Do bulk orders receive a discount?

Yes, they do. The more items you purchase in bulk, the greater the discount. Here’s how much you can save:

  • 5% when you buy 5 or more items
  • 10% if you purchase 10 or more items
  • 15% for bulk orders over 20 items
  • 20% for order of over 30 items

What can I do if I need a colour or style that isn’t on your website?

Simply call us on 03 9858 3292 or email us at sales@printlocker.com.au with information on what you need and we'll do our very best to source it for you.

Why use PrintLocker to design your custom bags? 

We put the environment first

Our products are WRAP certified because we put the environment before profit. We use water-based inks, organic materials, and energy efficient equipment. 

No extra costs

The only thing you pay for is your order. You can sign-up, create designs, and explore every item for free.

Aussie owned

As an Australian owned and operated company, we’re proud to supply other Aussie businesses and creative individuals with our custom made items.

Outstanding customer service

Our team is dedicated to making sure you’re completely satisfied with your order. We’re here to answer any technical or design questions. 

Fast delivery

We have all the materials, equipment, and technicians on site. So we can quickly print and deliver your order. 

High Quality

We use the highest quality materials, the best equipment, and have a team of expert technicians. Your bag will be extremely high quality.

No minimum quantities

You can order a single bag at PrintLocker. We welcome single print runs so you can create a truly one-of-a-kind bag. 

Bulk discounts

When you buy in bulk you receive a discount. The more you buy, the more you save.

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