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Designing Your Custom Phone Case

Designing your own unique custom phone case is really simple! Even photos from your mobile phone look good because there's no need to enlarge them too much - the print area is significantly smaller than a t-shirt.

We've printed many phone covers and we can tell you that almost any image you can think of will look awesome. We've printed logo's, photo's, movie posters, slogans, even a poem!

Tips & Things to Note

  • Full coverage looks best, drag the corners of your image to cover the entire area of the case.
  • If your photo or image is landscape just rotate it in the designer to suit the case, it looks just as effective.
  • There may be a slight variance in placement with your image but it will be minimal. As a precaution try not to place peoples faces or important text too close to the edges.
  • There is FREE SHIPPING on all mobile covers, ALL THE TIME! In order to keep the cost down for you we don't offer a tracking service on delivery of phone covers. Phone covers generally ship withing 48 hours.
  • Your friends will be super impressed with your creative genius. Prepare yourself for the adoration.

CLICK HERE to start designing your custom phone case or scroll down to our simple tutorial below.

Online Designer Tutorial


Once you've selected your case from the product page click on the START DESIGNING button and the online designer will open. You'll be prompted to add your design or text. Browse for your file and select.


Your selected image will load. Drag the image to the desired size and position or use the + - sizing buttons.

TIP: Full coverage looks best and dont forget you can roatate your artwork for a landscape image.

IGNORE the orange warning about the image being outside the design area. Just make sure the part you want is within the phone cover area. What you see on the phone cover area is what will be printed. Anything outside the area will be cropped.


Select your case colour. In most styles you can choose from black, white or clear.


You can add text or other design elements or if you're happy with your cover you can just click Add to Cart and chek out.


Standby for your awesome, unique, fully customised phone cover to arrive in the mail!

Ready to start creating your own awesome custom tee? Let's GO!

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