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DTF (direct to film)

High quality, customised prints are only a step away with direct to film (DTG) transfers: a special process we use for activewear, workwear, headwear and more. Luckily, PrintLocker is home to some of Australia's latest transfer technology which means that you can feel confident your designs will look exceptional. Talk to us about getting custom direct to film transfers today.

What are direct to film transfers and how do they work?

Direct to film (DTF) is as simple as the name suggests, it's print method that involves printing onto film and transferring it directly onto a garment. The process involves a design being printed onto film, rolled through a printing powder that works as an adhesive and helps bind the print onto the suface and it's then heat pressed onto the garment. The benefit of DTF technology is that it can be printed onto a wide range of fabrics (e.g. polyester) unlike DTG printing (direct to garment) where you're limited to 100% cotton. 

Why choose DTF transfers?

DTF transfers is commonly used on garments, bags, caps etc. We use this process for dimensional designs applied to long sleeve tops, named & numbered team uniforms, cap logos, tote bag designs and anything polyester. If you’re not sure if your artwork or product is suitable for this method contact us and we can have a look and let you know.

Direct to film FAQs

Is there a set up fee for DTF transfers?

No, there is not set up fee for DTF transfers.

What is the turnaround for DTF transfers?

Standard order: 7-10 business days production.

Express order: 3 business days production.

Pronto: 1 business day production.

Is there a minimum quantity with DTF transfers?

No, there is no minimum quantity.

How long do digital transfers last?

Provided the garment has been cared for according to our washing instructions, it should last the life of the product.

What garments/products can digital transfers be applied to?

DTF transfers can be applied to almost any garment.

What are the artwork requirements for digital transfers?

We can accept high resolution jpg or png files however for best results we recommend supplying vector artwork (either in .ai or .eps formats).

Do you have a design in mind? Choosing Printlocker is the perfect way to realise your printing vision! It's as simple as picking from our wide range of products, creating or uploading your artwork, and checking out. With our strict quality control guidelines, you can rest assured that you will receive a quality, customised product to fit your exact needs.

Our fantastic customer service team is here to help you if you run into any bumps along the way. From caps, bags, aprons, stubby holders, pillow cases and more, we've got you covered for all your printing needs. Select a product and we'll walk you through the design process. Printlocker is Australian-owned and operated, and home to Australia's best custom printed designs.

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