T-shirts can be a dime a dozen, especially when buying from a retailer, but did you know that it’s now an option to enjoy your very own customised t-shirt instead? Sure, you might have heard about t-shirt printing in the past, but thanks to the latest advances in printing technologies, it’s now easier than ever to design your very own personalised garment from the ground up.

We’re not talking about those cheap iron-on print options, we’re talking about some of the most advanced facilities imaginable. Screen-printing for example is a great way to duplicate a particular pattern or design for dozens of shirts, whereas direct to print can offer an incredibly effective way to apply precise detail to a shirt, tank top, or even a hoodie.

Creating & personalising a t-shirt

Some people enjoy nothing more than showcasing their creative talents by wearing clothing that features their own designs. Others choose to create one-off prints to celebrate special events (such as hen parties, stag dos and birthdays). There are just as many that simply like to customise their clothing in a way that can help to set their style apart from the masses of ready-made clothing out there.

It doesn’t matter what the reason might be; if you want to customise your very own t-shirt (or set of them), then there’s no better way to do so than via an online printing company. Rather than investing in cheap printing equipment yourself, a lot of which can fail to meet the quality that you expect, choosing a printing company to take care of your latest design can work wonders.

You’ll be free to choose the colour of your shirt, but be sure to consider the colour of your print as well - as you’ll undoubtedly want it to stand out once it’s been printed. You can also choose the size and even the number of shirts that you’d like printed. If you’re not too knowledgeable about screen printing and direct to garment options, then please allow us to break the differences down for you.

Screen printing is a great way to duplicate a design, as your creative image will be printed onto a screen and then pressed onto each shirt. Easy peasy right? So, what if you’d prefer quality over quantity? Well, that’s where direct to garment comes in handy. This method works in much the same way as when a regular device prints on paper.

You can have any number of colours involved and you can have your design printed onto any item of clothing – whilst maintaining the quality. This option is great for designers, or those that want to go into the clothing industry, but it’s just as suitable for special events and when one-off prints are more preferable.

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