Custom T-Shirts You Say? Yes Please!

Hi and welcome to PrintLocker.  What would you say if we said to you that you could walk around in a style that is guaranteed to be unique to you, whilst captivating everyone that looks in your direction? Nope, there’s no need to strip down into your undies, nor will you have to strut about wearing a gown made of meat - what we offer is even more effective than both of the above combined; customised printed T-Shirts. That’s right – completely personalised, unique garments that are printed in the highest quality to suit your exact needs!

Aussie through and through

The land down under might play host to exotic snakes and dangerous spiders – but it’s also a place that we’re proud to call home. We print all of our shirts, hoodies and more directly from Melbourne:

Printing orders of all sizes

Want one t-shirt to demonstrate how unique you are? DONE. Want a kazillion? No problem! We accept bulk orders and single ones too, with cheaper options the more that you order.

We love our customers

Don’t worry we aren’t planning on proposing, but we do love your business. Our friendly team are always on hand via live chat and phone – just to help you to personalise your printable t-shirts!

Rapid delivery throughout Aus

Okay so we say Australia, but we also ship anywhere in the world. As soon as your printed t-shirts, accessories, or garments are ready we’ll send them your way in no time.

Bulking up

Have a special event that you’d like dozens of shirts for? Consider your needs taken care of. You can order as many as you like, with prices dropping the bigger your order.

High quality results

We quality control every single garment that comes out of our printers extensively, just so that you can relax in the knowledge that your custom printed shirts are of the highest quality.

We love the environment

We promise to save energy as much as possible, in fact we try to minimise our carbon footprint in every imaginable way.

A free account for you

Want to enjoy our design and printing options without having to pay for membership? Consider it done! You can make a free account right now, without concern.

Ready to get started with our design services? It’s easy – simply click the Design section in our navigation and our easy to follow creative process will take you through the rest of your journey! Printed t-shirts might be our speciality, but they could also be your thing - so dive in and have some fun.